Pony & Trap Trail

Begin your trip at the Old Bridge, Durrow, beside one of Ireland’s surviving Bianconi coaching inns. Travel in leisure and style, through the picturesque countryside of south County Laois, in an authentic Irish trap, drawn by an Irish Cob. The ‘Barry Fitzgerald’ jarvey will take you on a memorable tour of local sites, stopping at different locations along your route. The Barry Fitzgerald Pony and Trap Trail offers a unique quality experience and is competitively priced.

Visiting or staying in Durrow? Why not book a leisurely trip by pony and trap. This tour is ideally suited for two, or three, people who will be taken by horse-drawn trap along the scenic bye-roads of Durrow to Attanagh village, site of the old railway station and the location of Ireland’s Fly-Fishing and Shooting Museum. The route also includes Knockatrina House, home to one of Ireland’s inventors, and the site of the Tin Weir Brick Works.

The trap, in old-style livery and kitted out with traditional rugs, will be drawn by an Irish cob. ‘Brollies’ are at the ready – just in case you get some soft Irish rain-fall!

Your jarvey, Bob Campion, is an experienced horse-drawn carriage driver. He will also act as your tour guide, dressed in attire, reminiscent of Barry Fitzgerald, match-maker, in the 1952 film The Quiet Man. This unique travel attraction offers quality leisure experience. Customised trips can, on occasions, be arranged by prior consultation with the organiser.

Enquiries to: Bob Campion, Bob’s Bar, The Old Bridge, Durrow, Co. Laois.
Phone: International: +353 87 6165484   Local: (087) 6165484.
Email: durrowbygones@gmail.com